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…beginning… again? Give a listen.

“Sooner or later it comes down to this… cause it’s all just gift…    that we’re living with” – Bill Mallonee

So, I thought I’d try this blogging thing again… we’ll see how long it goes and how long the gaps are between posts. I thought about deleting past posts but that seems unnecessary and perhaps over dramatic.

The title of this blog “part of the story” comes from one of my go to songs from Bill Mallonee. Give a listen by clicking HERE. This classic ballad by Bill is a “go to song” for me on repeat as it speaks of the moments of living life full of hope, vision, pain, disappointment and being present to moments of joy – brief as they may come – fully captured in community, body, mind, spirit and soul.




Come and get it – LUNCH BELL Bistro!

“It gets real, and real change happens.” – these were the words of my friend as he described transformation he was seeing in lives of some of his friends.

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The perfect cup… and the book of James?

Folio Coffee Card

Describe the perfect cup of coffee…

This was the simple invitation I gave to a barista at one of my favorite cafés – Folio Café at CMU. It was in preparation for a presentation on the theme of perfection in the book of James for my class – James & The Sermon on the Mount.

The bait was set and the barista bit hard!

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What brings YOU joy?

Scott with crown

What is the first question you ask of a person you haven’t seen in a while?

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The Gift of Academic Learning!

Another gift of the sabbatical plan was to take a number of courses, continuing to plug away at my current education goal of a Master of Arts in Theology from Canadian Mennonite University.

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The Gift of Morocco!

Enjoying tea and the hospitality of Rachid, high in the Atlas Mountains.
Enjoying tea and the hospitality of Rachid, high in the Atlas Mountains.

“A Bang – how can we start the sabbatical with a bang?”

“Let’s go visit family in Morocco!”

“Umm… Okay.”

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The Gift of Epic Road Trips!

“Look, Road-a-coaster!!!”

“Whoa, that’s sketch.”

I met this bison early our first morning as I got out of our tent! We both kept a respectful distance of each other.

“This is epic!”


Whenever one has the chance to end a sabbatical with 8,279 kilometers on a road trip in the beautiful, rugged land of mid-south west US – these are good phrases to have in the family repertoire, especially for prairie boys.

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The Gift of Family!

A major thread throughout the sabbatical was family.

Family posing at Mesa Verde National Park.
Family posing at Mesa Verde National Park.

In the original crafting of my educational plans for this time I anticipated taking one to two spring courses. However, as I neared the time to make the final decision I sensed that instead of taking the academic course of Family & Marriage that was being offered, I opted to just concentrate more of my attention on my family and marriage, a practicum of sorts.

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Sacrifice. Inspiration?

In the past couple of weeks I have had the great pleasure of hearing 2 great people perform nights of “Stories & Songs”.  Both of these folks work for Christian Organizations that are among the “youth at risk”.  Jordan Penner, working with Inner City Youth Alive, and Wayne Friesen working with Uturn in Bradon (YFC).  Both of them told inspirational, gut wrenching stories of how honoring it is to be present to these youth, hearing their stories, offering hope, a listening ear and sometimes a strong hand of love.

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