In the past couple of weeks I have had the great pleasure of hearing 2 great people perform nights of “Stories & Songs”.  Both of these folks work for Christian Organizations that are among the “youth at risk”.  Jordan Penner, working with Inner City Youth Alive, and Wayne Friesen working with Uturn in Bradon (YFC).  Both of them told inspirational, gut wrenching stories of how honoring it is to be present to these youth, hearing their stories, offering hope, a listening ear and sometimes a strong hand of love.

How do we respond to these stories?  Do we say, “Wow great! Glad you are doing it, I could never….”  or is it possible for us to be moved in our own souls – that something deep within us leaps toward how we might be more present to the ones in our communities that are on the fringes.  Or are we going to elevate these stories to a status of untouchable heroism, while I turn to my most enjoyable electronic device that numbs.