Another gift of the sabbatical plan was to take a number of courses, continuing to plug away at my current education goal of a Master of Arts in Theology from Canadian Mennonite University.

I was officially accepted into the program in 2012 but with the fullness of ministry and life I have only been able to squeeze off a couple of courses here and there. This winter semester I was able to add three more to the “done” list. It was a lot of fun to have dedicated time for this academic rigor, which I find both invigorating and terrifying at the same time. The smaller class sizes allow for some really excellent discussions and fantastic learning opportunities. I met new people and enjoyed the student life again.

I particularly enjoyed the fact that I found themes that overlapped in my courses on “The problem of Evil” and “James and the Sermon on the Mount”. This spurred many great and interesting conversations in class and out of class with some of my new academic friends. There is much joy in the process of learning and dialogue for me so I feel that it was time well spent. On a side note to my old college friends that read these, my ability to hand in assignments on time was MUCH improved from my undergrad degree some 17 years ago – if you can believe it I handed them all in on time, some early! A gift for the professors!