“Look, Road-a-coaster!!!”

“Whoa, that’s sketch.”

I met this bison early our first morning as I got out of our tent! We both kept a respectful distance of each other.

“This is epic!”


Whenever one has the chance to end a sabbatical with 8,279 kilometers on a road trip in the beautiful, rugged land of mid-south west US – these are good phrases to have in the family repertoire, especially for prairie boys.

We spent 20 days on the road – driving, hiking and camping in some of the most jaw dropping vistas this world has to offer. We had the chance to visit 13 National US Parks and Monuments and it was epic. We were moving! Our general route was south through North and South Dakota, then on to Colorado, then into Arizona, up through Utah, Wyoming, and then back up to Canada through South and North Dakota. If you are planning a road trip in these areas and want tips – don’t hesitate to call!

A small taste of the Hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National Park.
A small taste of the Hoodoos in Bryce Canyon National Park.

One of my favorite moments was our hike through the hoodoos in Bryce National Park. It was a hot day, but the forming of the landscape was breath taking. It was also amazing to see all the free ranging bison in so many of the parks we visited. These majestic animals were silent in response to some of our boy’s attempts to communicate by “Mooing”. Another epiphany was how much our boys longed to play in water on our trip, which there wasn’t much of. Our traipsing into the Narrows in Zion National park as well as one of our last campsites in Wyoming which was by a small river became some of our boys favorite spots due to the sheer delight of playing in small rapids.

Hiking in the Narrows at Zion National Park.

With only staying in two spots for two nights for our road trip, I became an expert at unpacking and repacking our campsite. It was hard work, and although there were some “less than stellar” family moments we enjoyed this spectacular gift!