Scott with crown

What is the first question you ask of a person you haven’t seen in a while?

In my daily work, one of my favorite things I get to do is the great honor of listening to people’s stories.  One of my new favorite lead question is: “What has brought you joy in the past little while?”

I have found that this question has offered an open and generous space for people to express how God is meeting and nurturing one’s soul.  I have also found that when people pause long enough to ponder this question it reminds them of how they are “wired” and how they long to connect with God, creation and others.  It is a gift to hear these stories of joy in our lives; to share in holy moments.

Try it!

The next time you gather with your friends or family – ask – what has brought you joy?

Here are other questions that I’ve been using lately, I’d love to hear from you if they’ve opened up new vistas of life and connection for you, others and God.

Where have you sensed God to be most present?

Where are you witnessing places of restoration, reconciliation and resurrection?

Who put honey in your heart?

What grieves you? How are you lamenting?

Where are you experiencing hope?